The strangest vessels in the world


For all those navigation and ships lovers, we bring you today a little bit different blog, not so instructive but maybe much more interesting. Today we are going to show you the most exclusive and rare boat’s designs all over the world.


The first place in our ranking is occupied by the boat EARTHRACE. This incredible trimaran was created with the aim of developing engines capable of break the world record of speed in doing a round-the-world-tour. The motors of this boat are designed for using only ecologic fuels. This boat established a new record in the circumnavigation of the world globe. It completed the trip in only 60 days and 23 hours and exceeded by 14 days the previous record in 1998.

This boat made of carbon fiber and kevlar used biodiesel to power its engines of 540 HP. This trimaran could reach 40 knots speed and sail with autonomy during 3,700 kilometres.

This vessel was also designed for being submerged until 6 metres in the event of rough weather. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see this jewel sailing across the seas, because in 2010 in a mission for stopping the whales hunt it was hit by a japanese cargo ship and it lost its bow.


This cargo ship was designed by the japanese company Nissan Motor and it is a cargo ship of the kind roll-on/roll-off. This kind of cargo ships were designed for carrying on board all type of wheeled vehicles as cars, trucks, trailers, which are putted into the ship over its own wheels or with a vehicles platform.

The curiosity of city of San Petersburg’s is its strange design, given that its bow has a hemispherical shape in order to reduce the wind resistance and according to the engineers, it would be able to save an amount of almost 800 tons of fuel every year.


The name of this boat corresponds to the initials of Floating Instrument Platform. It is a platform-boat of investigation which belongs to the government of the United States. The rare thing of this boat is that it is a normal boat, but it has the capacity of sinking and remain in a totally vertical position, like it would be a platform. This boat can operate all over the world, but its area of action used to be the west coast of the United States.

The change of position of this boat is carried out thanks to its deck of 108 metres which is swarming with tanks that are gradually filled with water and make the vessel sink. When this part of the ship is submerged it acts as a counterweight to assure the anchor and the stability  of the platform. This maneuver is made in the approximate time of 30 minutes.

Another curiosity of this ship is that its bathrooms are duplicated, ones are used for the normal position and the others are used for the vertical position.

This boat was designed for the purpose of making weather studies, studying the temperature of the water and its density, as well as the acoustic signals and the ship’s crew of this boat consist of 5 crewmen and around 11 scientists.


This boat has gained a place in this ranking because in its past life was a plane Boeing B-307, property of Howard Hughes. This weird vessel is a sign of what could we reach by recycling old devices that when they become outdated they were forgotten. The owner of this boat invested 4 years of his life to convert it into a boat with all the comforts. Nowadays, the Cosmic Muffin has a completely rebuilt hull, reconstructed interiors, new motors and its owners were planning to use it for private charters, education projects and fundraising for the charity.

Maybe the design of this boat is not the prettier, but the fact of constructing this boat from an old fuselage of a plane give us a double profit: less consumption of natural resources for the production of something new and less trash in our rubbish dumps.

Currently, this boat is exposed in the Florida Air Museum in Lakeland, Florida.


This boat which seems more like a spacecraft than a vessel, has been created by the italian company Lazzarini Design, and it was launched into the market the past year 2016 and it has been christened as Jet Capsule.

This boat with a futurist appearance is equipped with the necessary ítems for satisfying all audiences. Among its main characteristics, are remarkable its hull of carbon fiber, its photochromic Windows, the lighting with LED lights inside the boat or the solárium placed in the rooftop of the vessel. The interior of the boat is also equipped with air-conditioned and heating for those days in which the weather is not so good.

All these characteristics turn it into some kind of mini-yacht, but don’t let you be fooled by its appearance, because this boat can reach the maximum speed of 40 knots, but the fuel consumption in this vessel can reach even the 30 litres per hour. It also has the advantage of having a space to accommodate 13 people inside it.

Even if the design of this boat is rare, it offers comforts and characteristics that few boats can offer to the client.


This war vessel belong to the United States government is just one of the first ships of the future. It design is characterized by an structure totally different from what we are accustomed to seeing in ships of this kind, and it serves to reduce the detection of the vessel by the radars up to 80%.

The government of the United States planned at first to develop 32 of these vessels, but nowadays this number have been reduced to 10 and 3 of them are currently functioning and 2 of them are under construction.

The price of this project of military and naval engineering is estimated in around 3,300,000,000 dollars for each vessel.


This impressive boat belong to the kind of boats called SSHTV, which are semi-submersible vessels designed to transport bigger vessels or bigger structures and artefacts.

The Dockwise Vanguard is the biggest constructed vessel of its kind and can transport a total cargo of 110,000 tons. It was designed mainly for the transportation of oil and gas platforms in high sea, but it also can transports other vessels and even act as a shipyard in high sea.

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