Nautical activities and sport marinas in Andalusia


Maritime experiences and ports in Andalusia

During all its history, the coastline of Andalusia has always been bound to the maritime life and the navigation. From the ancient ports of Malaka and Gades (more than 2000 years now), Andalusia has kept that tradition and that nexus with its loved Mediterranean sea. The navigation is passion, is sport, bussiness, duty, leisure and adventure. No matter how, the sea still being bound to Andalusia.


This ancient land, our Andalusia, is a autonomical community that count on 870 kilometres of coast of the more of 1100 kilometres of coastline (including navigable fluvial areas). The Public Agency of Ports in Andalusia was created in 1992, as an autonomical organization for the control and the exercise of the powers conferred over the ports and sport marinas.

Nowadays there are 51 public sport marinas in Andalusia along with other ports with interest for the State, besides of those which are propierty of the more than 76 nautical clubs and sailing sport clubs registered in the Sailing Andalusian Federation (Federación Andaluza de Vela). There also exists 138 clubs that form part of the Andalusian Federation of Underwater Activities, and 14 clubs associatd with the Andalusian Federation of Powerboating and the Andalusian Federation of Wakeboard and Water Skiing. All these clubs, public and private sport marinas and these sport associations are distributed all over Andalusia, which makes this sector to have a big offer in every point of the region. Among the most famous ports in Andalusia are the port of Malaga, Puerto Banus, the port of Cadiz, Puerto Marina or Punta Umbria.


To all these modalities mentioned before, we can add other nautical activities as the rowing, the canoeing or the water skiing. This great variety of activities and ports is caused mainly by the big amount of maritime-sport infrastructures that Andalusia has access to. Thanks to all these facilities both the tourist and the autochthonus sailing lovers have all the facilities for the access and use of the stated installations.


During the lastest generations , this land has also seen grown true stars in the world of seamanship, just like the yahctswomen Theresa Zabell and Blanca Manchón, or the yachtsmen Rafa Trujillo. This passion for the sea still increasing every day in Andalusia, so there also are many regattas and yachting competitions, as well as boat charter firms and nautical schools to obtain the different navigation licenses.

In Andalusia, the navigation licenses are regulated by the Andalusian Sport Institute (Instituto Andaluz del Deporte). Besides of dispatching cards and licenses, this organization is which gives authorisation to the nautical schools to teach the necessary training to obtain this navigation licenses. During the year 2016, Junta de Andalucía (regional government) dispatched a total of 4335 navigation licenses, among the titles of PNB (Skipper for a basic navigation), PER (Skipper for recreational vessels), Yacht skipper, Yacht captain and Jet ski license type A.


Andalusia also houses a lot of places and beautiful spots appreciated for all those diving lovers. The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijas is maybe one of the optimal spots to practise the immersion, and it is one of the most famous in Andalusia. However, there also are other areas that could be marvellous for snorkeling and diving in this southern region of Spain. Along all the littoral of Malaga and Granada there are areas worthy of being visited for doing snorkel or diving (just like the Natural Park of Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo), but also in Cadiz and Huelva (some areas as Tarifa, Barbate or Chiclana).


For activities as the fishing or  diving, every area has its own characteristics which could involve some difficulties since some areas are only suitable for people with more experience. The subaquatic activities involve some risk that are convenient to minimise by taking the proper cautions in every case. In addition, If you decide to practise this activities in any area included inside any of the natural spaces of the region, you will have to request the required permissions to make these activities. However, clubs and diving firms that fill the littoral make easier to carry out these activities due to they have all the licenses and authorizations needed, so the client can visit and know easily some of the wonders hidden under the Mediterranean: ancient sunken boats, submarine caves, and waters full of life and native species.


Andalusia is a perfect place to enjoy a good climate during all the year and spend the holidays with the familiy and friends, and of course, in such a perfect places to enjoy the sea. This passion for the sea and the sports like the diving, the sailing (whether it is sportive or recreational), or the windsurf, besides other activities like dolphins and whales watching or the boat rental, is increasing day by day here in Andalusia.


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