Best 8 sailing destinations in Andalusia


Andalusia is one of the most favourite places in Spain, for both national tourists and foreign tourists, whether they come from Europe or any other part of the world.

That is not strange, because Andalusia has a big cultural heritage in every respect: gastronomy, historical heritage, literature, artistically, etc. There is also the splendid climate, characteristic of this region during all the year, as well as the incredible natural areas that you can find in every nook: from a mountain landscape to beaches and coves that appear to come from another world. For this reason, this region of Spain is a conducive place for practising water sports and the sailing.

Since the 70s, Andalusia has felt a tourism boom that has been increasing every year. This region registered the past year 2016 a number of 28 millions of tourists all year around.

Best places to sail in Andalucia

One of the favourite activities for the tourists who come to know this beautiful corner of Spain is the boat rental and the boat trips to know the landscape and the coastline of the region from a different perspective. Contrary to the popular belief, this kind of activities are not expensive because they are used to be hired between several people so that the price will never be excessively high.

Here down below we are going to show you the best places to sailing and renting a boat in Andalusia.

Malaga city

There is no doubt about the fame of one of the most vibrant cities in Andalusia. Malaga is one of the key spots in the coast of Andalusia. It is a city full of culture, art, literatura and a delicious gastronomy.

The city count on a big variety of museums which you may can visit in your freetime as the Thyssen Museum, Picasso Museum or the Centre Pompidou.

But of course, one of the biggest attractions of the city and its environs are its beaches that show off a landscape which combine perfectly the sea and the mountain.

Hire your boat and embark in an adventure to know Malaga from the sea.

Chiclana de la Frontera

This wonderful locality situated in the province of Cadiz count on all type of natural places which make it a perfect destination for your holidays.

Inside Chiclana you will find one of the best beaches of the Peninsula: Playa de la Barrosa. This beach is just a sign of the particular characteristics of the beaches which fill up in a succession the whole coast of Cadiz. White sand, clear waters, few visitors, enviable climate and the great hospitality of the inhabitants.

Here of course, you can also enjoy multitude of activities, but one of the most favourites for the tourists are the boat trips. Have a boat ride along the Mediterranean’s waters and stop to make anchor in front of one of the many idyllic Cadiz beaches you will find in your way.


Tarifa is the Paradise for the lovers of the water sports. Here gather professionals coming from all the world to practice windsurf, surf, kitesurf and any other activity that has to do with the sea.

Tarifa also count on one of the best beaches in Andalusia: la Playa de Bolonia, with a longitude of almost 4 kilometres is considered as one of the last virgin beaches in the south of Spain.

This locality is in the most southern area of the continent. Here you will can contemplate one of the most beautiful sunsets in Andalusia, so, why don’t you come and enjoy this incredible sunset from the deck of a boat along with your friends or family?

Jump into the sea and discover this wonderful spot while you travel the coast in your own boat.


This locality is considered as one of the loveliest villages inside the province of Malaga and inside of Andalusia, and for this reason, it has a large influx of foreign tourism.

Nerja has a unique landscape of mountains that melt with the blue of the sea. In this city there are also located the famous Cuevas de Nerja, a network of underground caves full of archeological sites and cave art that date from the Palaeolithic.

In addition, very close to Nerja, it is located the village of Maro and its natural park of Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo, a wonderful natural space perfect to make a stop and soak or practice any kind of water sport.

In this zone of Andalusia the demand of boat rental for boat rides is increasingly on the rise so that this could be also an ideal experience to share with family or friends and discover a lovely scenery while you sail across the Mediterranean.


Although the image that Marbella shows to the rest of the world as a city of luxury, and it is like this in some way, the locality also offers a lots of activities of all kind for all the hundreds of thousands tourist that visit it every year.

In addition to the inherent culture and the gastronomy of the province of Malaga, Marbella has a big cultural heritage, a historic centre full of beauty and a big sports Marina considered as one of the best in the world.

For this reason, the waters on this zone are is full of vessels enjoying the best clima in Europe and sailing across the coast of Marbella

Do you imagine to be sitting on a sailboat’s deck, with a refreshing drink, your favourite music and surrounded by the people you care in such an idyllic place as Marbella? All this is at your fingertips. Enjoy your holidays with a different plan.

Visit this city and let you be amazed by the landscape while you have a relaxing boat trip facing to the coast and the port of Marbella.


Benalmadena is located between the Sierra de Mijas and the coast, in which the city occupies a little strip of land.

This is one of the most important cores in the Costa del Sol and it is dedicated almost completely to the tourism. The city is divided in 3 population centres: Benalmadena village, Arroyo de la Miel and Benalmadena Costa. This latter is the nucleus where it is concentrated the great part of the touristic offers and it count on hotels, casinos, golf courses and of course one of the most important sports marina in Andalusia: Puerto Marina.

In its port you will be able to do every kind of nautical activities: boat trips in private boats, planned routes in group, boat parties, water skiing or even visit the aquarium Sea Life. Renting a boat is always a good option to enjoy the coasts of Malaga, and the coast of Benalmadena in particular, is one of that places that you can’t miss. Go ahead sailing and revel in the panoramic view that Benalmadena offers from the sea.

Cabo de gata

From Carboneras and Garrucha you can set out on travel by sailing across this natural jewel of the Andalusia’s coasts. You will enjoy an impressive view of the desertic landscape full with typical white villages of Almería, and you will may stop in coves that would be almost inaccessible from solid ground.

Few places seem so interesting to know them from the sea as it is the natural park of Cabo de Gata. From the sea you will be able to admire the landscape of volcanic cliffs, coves far away from the rest of the world, coral reefs and ancient watchtowers that served as defense against the pirate attacks in the shoreline.

Live a freedom experience while you sail along the coasts of Almeria. You will find remote coves to which you can only access by sea. Stop your boat, have a bath and dive in this waters full of life.

Strait of Gibraltar

The Straits of Gibraltar is the point of attachment between the Atlantic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, where only 15 km separate the continents of Europe and Africa.

Lately the boat routes to visit Morocco for one or two days or simply to have a ride along the Straits are increasingly trendy. That is not weird because the visitor is always astonished for the few distance that separates two such different worlds and for the amazing views of the two continents between the Pillars of Hercules (that’s how the ancient inhabitants of the zone referred to the Rock of Gibraltar and the Musa mountain in Morocco).

Apart from the views of the most southern part of Europe and the most northern part of Africa that the Straits of Gibraltar offers, this place is full of sea life that crosses between both seas constantly. You will can sight dolphins, whales, tunas and all kind of marine fauna that lives in these areas. Let the wind drive you over the waters of the Straits and delight in a trip that you won’t forget.

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