Enjoy sailing and improve working relationships between your staff with this original team building event. Rent any of our yachts or organize a regatta on the Costa del Sol. Our boats are available in Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Málaga and Caleta de Vélez.


Team building events help to improve working relationships and teamwork among your staff. Organizing a different meeting outside of the typical working environment can also help to build customer loyalty and establish new business relationships.

We provide you the service of boat rentals for meetings, company dinners and team building events.

The management of a boat, and in particular sailboats, depends largely on teamwork. With this team building event and with the atmosphere that is breathed in a boat, you will be able to improve the teamwork and the relations between workers. This activity is aimed at increasing the motivation of all team members to achieve a common goal. If you are more than 12 people you can also organize a regatta, reserving the sailboats that we have available in Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Málaga.


Organize your team building event on the Costa del Sol, with all the amenities to your liking. The teamwork atmosphere in a boat can be very motivating among the staff if everyone pursues a common goal. Go sailing on one of our sailboats, and if you are more than 12 people, you can also organize a regatta, reserving the sailboats that we have available in Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Málaga.

If you need to meet with clients or your workers for any matter of business, it is better to do it in the best atmosphere possible. Keeping the direct contact with clients, as well as with the personnel is sometimes essential to create good relationships and a good ambience in the workplace. You can create a better perception by arranging your meetings in an elegant sailboat or catamaran besides creating a better ambience while you sail across an environment as idyllic as the Costa del Sol. The good relationships with the workers can improve the productivity, and you can promote customers loyalty if you have a good relationships with them. Similarly, have a direct contact with clients or providers allows you to have a better vision and organisation in your business plans.

We offer several private boats and ready to attend this type of meetings, among which you can choose the one that best suits your type of meeting or team building event. Celebrate and organize a company dinner in an original and simple way after a few months of hard work. Organize your team building event on the Costa del Sol, with all the conveniences to your liking.

Of course, you can also hire al the extras that you may need for your stay to be perfect. Make contact with us and organise the event in the way you’d like: choose the type of catering, waiter or chef (if you really need them), the drinks that will be served, the duration of the rental and the best schedule for you, if you need a skipper for sailing or if, instead, you wish to stay moored in the port, etc.

We will make the things convenient for your company dinner or company meeting be a complete success. Reserve now with us and you will be able to organise and enjoy your company dinner seamlessly.




Design the adveture that you have in mind: indicate the number of passengers, the booking's date and the type of boating experience.

If you have any doubt, we will help you all the time. We will contact you to plan the perfect activity.

We are going to explain you the three ways to make the booking of your favourite activity.

The first option is to make contact directly with us by phone.

The customer telephone service is:

(0034) 673 78 89 43

You also have the option of asking your questions or the availability of ours boats and sailboats via WhatsApp to the same number of telephone.

Your third option is to send us an e-mail to

All ours boats have the features, licenses, insurances and guarantees necessaries for sailing and renting a boat.


4 horas



1 boat: maximum number of 11 people.

If you are more than 11 people you can arrange a regatta.


What does it include?

· Boat ride

· Professional skipper



To obtain a budget, fill the booking form and we will send you a price adapted to your necessities.


Menu and drinks

You can add menus and drinks to your booking for a price of 25 € per person.



· For more than 8 passengers, the price will increase in 30 € per person.

· You can see the cancellation and refund policity by clicking here.

· You can also contract a photographer to make a photobook. Consult us the price!